As each case is unique, a one on one consultation is the ideal way to determine patient's needs and satisfy them optimally. After a thorough dental check-up we guide the patient with procedure details, prognosis, time required and cost structure. Thereby allowing you to make informed choices about your oral health.

Forum Vastani
Kshitij Shah
Stock Broker, Mumbai

left quotesThere is a famous saying, "a smile says a thousand words". I have always been conscious about my smile as I had really short teeth, which were almost negligible upon smiling. Dr. Motwani suggested me a Smile Makeover. My family and I agreed on the procedure because of her professionalism, cleanliness, and state of the art equipment. Right quotes

Arjun Bajwa
Economics professor - USA

left quotes I have always had a fear of dentists since I was 10 years old because of which I avoided going to one for a long time. Then a massive tooth ache forced me to visit a dentist. What a surprise ! Dr. Krinita and her team were outstanding, very pleasant and informative.Right quotes

Arjun Bajwa
Social worker with Akanksha, Mumbai

left quotes Had severe pain in a wisdom tooth & surrounding teeth but due to the much greater fear factor of dental treatment had avoided any visits to a dentist. I could not have been more wrong. Thankfully not only all my problems have been sorted out in a couple of visits but there was no so called pain or trauma. Right quotes